About  Martin Rolt

Paint Your Dreams. Expand Your Mind

To soothe your mind & heal your soul

Martin’s art is created using ‘high-end’ acrylic paints and a variety of mediums, which provide him with the versatility to continuously develop and expand his unique output. Martin creates beautiful, tranquil, highly textured landscapes and seascapes, each new piece experimental within itself. From a fixed focal point at the outset, the painting will develop and take new direction during its creation. The paintings are rich in atmosphere with luxurious and exquisite textures. 

Martin’s paintings have sold to private collectors both domestically and internationally, as well as in the corporate world.  His work has appeared in both Tatler and World of Interiors publications.


Creative Output


His creative output also includes pen and ink drawings using the ‘stipple’ or ‘pointillism’ technique. This technique, involving the use of specialised pens, is where the drawings are made entirely, 100%, of pen ink dots. The solid sections of the drawings are also ink dots, which join together to produce a beautiful ‘aged’ or ‘mottled’ effect, almost mother-of-pearl-like in appearance. Stipple drawing is an incredibly slow process that allows for great detail to be achieved, and the finished work has a near 3D quality. Some of Martin’s drawings, using this technique, are finished with 24 carat Gold Leaf.


Martin has chronic migraine and suffers from severe migraine attacks. The painting process and the end result provide a great antidote to the stresses that can cause this debilitating illness. He has forged a close link with the charity organisation the National Migraine Centre in London. His landscape and seascape paintings bring comfort and relaxation to fellow sufferers.




Martin takes inspiration from the natural world, what he sees around him. From the sun rising on a beautiful spring morning, to the skies and colours above, the formation of the clouds, to the setting of the sun where the sky meets the sea.

 Nature creates these wonderful shapes and colours quite by chance. If you are lucky enough, you may find the time to stop and wonder at them also. 

Take the time to observe and enjoy what is there, because within a whisper it will be gone. Inspiration is also taken from the music that has been the soundtrack to his life. Hints of which can be found in some of the painting titles.

If you see a painting that you like but it isn’t the right fit for your home or place of work (Size, Shape or Colour) commissioning a painting could be the answer. I can paint a unique, bespoke work of art any size, shape or palette that would fit perfectly. Please contact me for more information.