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My name is Martin Rolt and my artistic journey began in 2002. After formative years of doodling and dreaming, I set off with my paint and canvas and experimentation began. What can I do with this paint to create something beautiful, amazing and unique? That was the question.

The answer was: let it flow, don’t overthink it, be yourself and it will come. And it did. From early abstract works inspired by nature, to the beautiful and serene land and seascapes of today – the journey has been wonderous and inspiring.

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Land & Seacapes Collection

Before the Storm – Limited Edition Print – 

Using two distinct and unique styles of work, while wholly different, compliment each other both visually and emotionally.  For myself, as an artist, they allow greatly contrasting processes and outlets for my creative and artistic outpourings.

Beneath The Surface

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The Raven Awakens

Limited edition prints


From the Room With A View Collection – Limited edition prints

The White rose

The White Rose – Resistance – Limited Edition Print – PRIMARY

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